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Win It Training is proud to present its Flag Pulling Training Sessions! A full hour of flag pulling techniques and drills to improve your flag pulling abilities, transforming you into the shutdown defender you've always wanted to be!


In our Flag Pulling Training Sessions training sessions we will go over:


  • "Breaking down" techniques to get the players into the flag pulling "ready" position.

  • Drills for proper lateral footwork essential for good defense.

  • Proper Flag Pulling techniques.

  • Drills, drills and more drills on getting the proper reps in for improving flag pulling techniques.

EARLY FALL SESSION - 1 per week, 5 total Sessions on Fridays starting Oct. 29th through Nov. 19th. $100.00

Spaces are limited (see health guide). Reserve your space today!


*Private lessons are available upon request.

   EARLY FALL SESSION - Oct. 29nd through Nov. 19th


SESSION: 4:00-5:00pm - All Ages

(For now only 1 session. Depending on turnout, we may split the session to younger ages 4-5pm and older ages 5-6pm).

Location: (Brookside Park, Pasadena)

• Friday October 29th

• Friday November 3rd

• Friday November 12th

• Friday November 19th

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