Rosters and Schedule

Spring Off-Season &
Scrimmages Workouts

​Monday/Wednesdays  4:00-5:00pm

  • Liam Gomez

  • George Blume

  • Ethan Landis

  • Dylan Norgaard

  • Thiago Zuviria (Mondays only)

  • Kiel Zuviria (Mondays only)

  • Alexis Salome

  • Wyatt Liskey

  • Halen Morgan

Monday/Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm

  • Aiden Artz

  • Jack Artz

  • Shaurya Nadkiami

  • Cole Green

  • Liam Whooley

  • Austen Vahdat

  • Alexander Dencik

  • Perry Oishi  (Mondays only)

  • Anton Hilgers (Mondays only)

  • Bruno Ahem

  • Quinn Foley

  • Candace Jones (Parent)

  • Miles Mitchell  (Wednesdays only)

  • Walker  J. (Wednesdays only)

  • Myles Mitchell

  •  Von

  • Jett Quan

  • Arthur Moreno

Strength and Agility Roster

Tuesdays  and Thursdays




The training sessions will meet at the same park, but at a different location.  We'll meet by the drive-in entrance to Kids Space.  We'll determine the space that will be used depending on the class.  

Thanks for your patience.  The big field is scheduled to open on September 8th. We are hopeful to return to the field then.  Thank you. Call, text or email with any questions.  626.497.4646 or