Rosters and Schedule

Complete Flag Football Rosters (Pasadena)

Monday 3:30-4:30pm

EARLY SUMMER 2021  (May. 24th - June 28th)

  • Noah Soto

  • Walker Jeereddi

  • Griffin Rasmussen

  • Ryder Dunford

  • Wyatt Liskey

  • Axel Beltran

  • Izaiyah Dillard

  • Alexis Sallome
  • Soren Ganz
  • Alejandro Thompson

Monday 4:30-5:30pm

  • Perry Oishi-Ozeki

  • Alexander Dencik

  • Connor A Johnson

  • Shea Curtin

  • Noah Mendez

  • Ben Renshaw

  • Henry Weintraub

  • Hector Amaro

  • Noah Asama

  • Parker Ray

  • Brandon Hsu

  • Finn Kessler

Strength and Agility Roster

Tuesdays  4:15-5:15pm

EARLY SUMMER 2021  (May 25th - July 2nd)

Friday 4:15-5:15pm

  • Alexander Dencik

  • Connor A Johnson

  • Noah Galindo

  • Henry Weintraub

  • Austen Vahdat

  • Diego Delgado

  • Ben Renshaw

  • Alejandro Thompson

  • Julian Connor



The training sessions will meet at the same park, but at a different location.  We'll meet by the drive-in entrance to Kids Space.  We'll determine the space that will be used depending on the class.  

Thanks for your patience.  The big field is scheduled to open on September 8th. We are hopeful to return to the field then.  Thank you. Call, text or email with any questions.  626.497.4646 or